We have so far picked up 7041 kg garbage (with your help 48kg) – help us pick up more


One of our biggest challenges is cleaning the Bohus Coast, where the estimated number of debris is 7,000 cubic meters, which is about 7,000,000 liters of debris per year!
What does not sink to the seabed settles as a layer over all vegetation and blocks the future growth of the plants. This also affects animals and insects to a great extent. Nature is a fantastic force and over time it will be able to recover, but by then we will have already lost a large part of its species, insects, and vegetation. We don’t want this to happen!
That is why we have decided to clean the entire Bohus Coast and one of our biggest goals is to have total control of the surface!  We know this can be done with your support!
We also think it’s very important to clean other lakes and marine areas. Trash does not belong in the water.
With love and consideration for nature, it is with extreme accuracy and caution that we clean up the debris!
A big thank you to every one of you out there who are working on this or cleaning at their own free time, as well as all of you who have supported us during our development, your commitment is worth its weight in gold!
Well done! Please contact us and tell us your story!

Where do we pick up trash?

We started cleaning waterways when we were at a lake in Gothenburg called Sisjön.
We were there to dive but were devastating by the state of the lake.
From that day on, we have been dedicated in our mission to clean beaches, seabeds and lakes.
We love seeing how the seabed looks so much healthier without any trace of us humans.

When we return to an area that we have previously cleaned, we see many more creatures living there than before.

We are based in Västra Götaland, we hope to cover more areas soon. If you want
to help us reach our goals, take a look at our OceanRecycleOne Fabric Bags or our other ways you can help us.

Other clean-up projects

Do you know a place where it is extra messy and want to clean it up, such as local lakes and streams or nature reserves?  You may just want to know how deep it is or have lost something in the water, as well as just being curious about the condition of your waterbed.

Contact us and we can have a look!

We are active on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to create awareness, inspiration and showcase the amazing nature around us.