We have so far picked up 7041 kg garbage (with your help 48kg) – help us pick up more

Facebook, cleaning of lakes and thank you!

Hello again, i just wanted to mention that we recently created a Facebook page, so take a
look at us there.We also want to cover the topic of messy lakes, our main focus is cleaning
the sea, but lets not forget our lakes! During our trip we have cleaned in many lakes around
Gothenburg, some of which are definitely much worse than others. Since we started in
November, we have actually had a goal that Dennis and I set up for ourselves. We want to
clean Sisjön around and we have come a long way already. We counted this morning that
we made 10 cleaning dives there and gathered about 220 kg of rubbish from Sisjön. All the
images from our cleanups in that lake are on our Instagram. I feel compelled to add that
Sisjön is a fantastic lake with very clear water and great bathing areas, taking a walk around
the lake is magical. For all of you who clean beaches yourselves, you do a fantastic job! We
are very pleased that we help to keep nature clean, for it is everyone’s responsibility. And for
all of you that want to help us, thanks for your support, it means a great deal for us and for the future.