We have so far picked up 7041 kg garbage (with your help 48kg) – help us pick up more

Safety Shore now cleaning with us!

What a fantastic collaboration we have began with Shore Safety, they chose to contact us
and ask if we would have use of one of their rafts.
Ofcourse, we said YES!
We who clean in water are very concerned with safety and there are no shortcuts! What this
raft will do for us is to increase the security around us as we can act and help people if
needed, which is absolutely wonderful, and not just that, it will also help us clean much
more, larger and heavier objects.
We are very pleased to have a cooperation with Shore Safety, who has worked with saftey
along beaches and in water since 1972 and have their office in Gothenburg.
We thank you for your trust and that you want to clean with us!