We have so far picked up 7041 kg garbage (with your help 48kg) – help us pick up more

Our vision

We envision a world of clean and vibrant seas.
But in order for it to become a reality, we all have to work together and be innovative.
Our role is to create simple conditions for making sea and lakes free from debris.

Our goal

Our highest priority is to get rid of all the debris that exists in marine areas, lakes and rivers.
We have overlooked the impact that littering actually has on the nature for far too long.
Join us on a journey towards a cleaner environment!

Intro Movie

1 bag = 1kg/2lbs trash

Help us save the oceans

We care about the environment!


We are fighting for a cleaner nature where waste and debris no longer affects animals and plants.

Save the environment

We are steadfast in our quest for a better environment

Video produced by:

Director: Liam Ren
Actress: Wei Ren
Script design: Filip Blenström
Narration: Ylva Dahlström
Produced by 24 frames media ab

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When you buy a bag from OceanRecycleOne you do not only get a recycled, organic and Fairtrade-labeled product, but you also make a commitment to cleaner oceans and rivers. How does it work? For each purchase, we collect 1 kg of plastic from the seabed, and ensure that the debris ends up in its right place instead of creating problems for animals, plants and the climate.

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